The world of distilled spirits with its whisky, gin, jenever, rum and so much more is already loads of fun, but from time to time we also like to do something different and step into a brewery if it comes on our path. Below the list of breweries we have toured until now, in order of visited followed by the year. Most of them in the Netherlands so far, but we hope to also visit some in other countries just as we do with distilleries.

2012  Brewery Us Heit in Bolsward (NL)
2013  Brewery Hertog Jan in Arcen (NL)
2014  Brewery de Hemel in Nijmegen (NL)
2014  Brewery Oudaen in the Castle Oudaen Utrecht (NL)
2015  Brewery Toebes in the monastery St. Agatha (NL)
2015  Brewery La Trappe Abbey O.L.V. van Koningshoeven (NL)
2016  Eden Mill Brewery in St. Andrews (UK)
2016  St Andrews Brewery in St. Andrews (UK)

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