We are Thomas & Ansgar Speller, a whisky-loving couple from the Netherlands. Enjoying a dram together, exploring the world of whisky & other spirits. Geeks. Writers. Travellers. Photographers. Artists.

Together discovering the many differences between the huge variety that is available on the market. We like to write short stories about our experiences at whisky-related events, books, our travels through the world of whisky and about the producers, large and small, craft and industrial. With our short articles, book reviews and travel stories on our website, we will tell our own and honest experiences. Want to know some more about us? Have a look then here.


When we would obtain a whisky by buying a bottle, receiving access to events, receiving a sample at our own request or when we have been sent one freely by producers or friends – we will reveal where it came from and give our unprejudiced and impartial opinions – without demanding payment or requesting return advertisement.

From our travels we publish photos and stories that can be found on different social media channels next to this website. We are all about sharing the passion for whisky, distilleries, events and people but a lot of time and effort goes into the writing and photography. This is why we ask you to contact us before using any of our materials without our permission. Much appreciated.

It is all about fun and sharing the knowledge and experiences. If you have any questions please contact us but you can also follow WhiskySpeller on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up to date with the latest activities, news, photos, distillery and travel stories.