The northern parts of Scotland are beautiful. After visiting the Orkneys and the north-east with all its distilleries we could find and visit, we managed to move some of them forward on our schedule one day and find ourselves with a whole day to spare and do some coastal sightseeing. Or… we decide to get in the car once more and have a three hours drive to, literally, the other side of the country. Starting on the east coast, over ominous looking mountain ranges, passing many withered lochs, through lush fields of gorse and heather-covered bogs holding ruins and castles, we leisurely drove to the Isle of Skye. There and back again, falling through the Fiddler’s door at the end of a long, tiring day for a refreshing dram and hot meal. We have hinted at this day already in our Epic Scotland Road Trip Diary, and now we have some more pictures of the trip on our Facebook page, including our visit to the Talisker distillery of which you can read a little more about next week, on these pages.

Slàinte Mhath
Thomas & Ansgar
Copyright notice: Photos by WhiskySpeller

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