Eleven Boutique-y Gins!

Tower of Gin

The indie whisky bottler with the hard to overlook, eye-catching, hand-illustrated labels, That Boutique-y Whisky Company , has recently adopted a sister, which they uniquely named That Boutique-y Gin Company. The brand spanking new venture focusses on gins from the world’s best distilleries, brands and minds, with fun and informative hand-illustrated labels created by Grace J. Ward, imaging people from the (G)industry combined with in-jokes, bottled in limited sized individually numbered 50cl batches.


That’s quite enough of the marketing we have been sent with the ten Drinks by the Dram samples. We have been exploring gins recently, and receiving this box of gin fits perfectly with our interests to explore and review the distillates in our own laboratory [read: from our couch, with some ice, a tonic or ginger ale]. All new and unique gins, some from well-established distillers with impeccably tweaked recipes, others from widely experimenting up-and-comers with unproven ideas.

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The company’s first eleven gins have seen the light of day in February 2017. We are anxious to slip in our lab coats [onesies] and start exploring them. Pure and undiluted at first, but with a drop or two of quality tonic for the proper experience if need be. With flu-season almost (finally!) over, be sure to check WhiskyWorship and LovingWhisky regularly, or look out for the links to the tasting notes below.

Thomas & Ansgar

Copyright notice: Photo box plus stacked samples by WhiskySpeller rest provided by That Boutique-y Gin Company

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