Whisky Live Holland 2013

In The Hague we went to the International Whisky Festival. Last year we went also to this event and had a complete other experience this time.

Last year it was too crowded, too expensive, and you could not talk to people behind the stands. This year it was also crowded, and the entrance fee is still high. But this time we had more fun, and talked to a lot of people there, and found it easier to get to stands. It was not queuing 3 rows thick.

When having a bit to eat after the session we even decided that we had to chance something for next year and not just do 1 session. We still had not seen the whole church and talked to all the people we wanted to. We realized that this festival needs an other approach. So we are going to change that a bit for the next year. It is the biggest festival in The Netherlands with people flying in from all over from distilleries and producers to be there.

But what a change in comparison with last year, wow! We were wondering afterwords what has changed last year, that we went from ‘not sure about this one’ to ‘can’t we do an other session please?’

Just a few snapshots of the day, and some lovely drams we have tasted. Had a great time, and had a very nice time talking to David Roussier from Warenghem Distillery in France. More to come on that soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks good! Will keep in mind nxt year. Jos R.


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