Whisky Weekend Amsterdam 2015

The time has come. The first festival of the year is here again. For us, this was to be a new festival to explore in the Netherlands. Whisky Weekend Amsterdam. The Netherlands has a good spread of different festivals during the year, from small to massive events, so we are spoiled for choice. At the end of the year we make a list and decide which festival to visit. We are always looking to visit new events, but sadly can’t visit them all. Plans are made, tickets booked and options kept open.

This event is being held at the Posthoorn church in Amsterdam, on a walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. The decision to have a relaxed train ride to the festival in order to fully enjoy the newly presented drams fully was quickly made.

In the church we found a wide array of stands of the usual suspects and some new faces as well. Inside the SM basement (what’s in a name) there were some attractions as well. Being in Amsterdam the mention of an SM basement might picture something different, but here we found some presentations of whisky clubs and collectors, a bar where beers and soft drinks were available, whisky merchandise and clothing, an artist with presentations of her whisky-related artwork and a barber who would old-fashionably trim your beard or give you a complete clean shave. It was really worth while to have a look downstairs (although Thomas found his scruffy beard too precious to be handled). The basement is really worth your while if you might attend next years’ event.

Some of this years’ mentionable’s were a 21yo official bottling Rosebank as our opener of the event, the Vintage cask – a slightly peated Glenfiddich with the fruity character of the whisky still pleasantly present, a cask strength Paul John from India, and a beautifully sherried Tamdhu from the King’s Court Whisky Club. We closed the session with some fresh oysters that we sprinkled with the Octomore 6.1 – a delicious finish of the day.

Catching up with people from the Dutch whisky scene and their ambassadors, chatting about the great products available and yet to be released, and having some great drams and food, we had a good time again! Looking at the calendar, it promises to be a great year which we are looking forward to!

You can find some pictures we took on our Facebook page. Keep an eye on this site also for some more pieces coming soon!

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