When an invitation came in at WhiskySpeller HQ to attend an event in Amsterdam to celebrate the upcoming festive season with the recently launched limited edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in his new Winter Edition bottle design, we looked at the calendar, only to realise we were unable to be present that day. Not to worry though, Johnnie Walker was set on giving us #TheGiftToGive this Christmas in the square form of a personalised Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Winter bottle. How cool is that!


Although you may know we are not that focussed on packaging, design and try not to be influenced by marketing around us, we must say the that they have done a really nice job dressing Johnnie in his new winter jacket. Content wise, it is the same Johnnie we secretly know and care about, consistent like all his multi-coloured siblings. Even though Johnnie Walker Blue is often overlooked as ‘only’ a blended whisky, he is meticulously orchestrated from a select number of casks, where only one in 10.000 is found to be good enough to be selected for cousin Blue. The vast majority of single malt whisky produced disappears in blended whiskies, which is for a reason, and the Walker family attract a broad audience and can be used in many ways; straight, over ice, in a ginger ale or a properly composed cocktail. Built up with carefully guarded recipes since 1820, you can always trust the striding man to live up to your expectations. Any colour of Johnnie will keep you warm this winter, and with his new starry Winter Edition coat with the added stars and snowflakes, Johnnie Blue is leading the way as he has been doing for the last decades.  


Walking our evening walks in the cold winter nights, with the constellations visible across the clear night skies, the sweet notes of fruit, nuts, dark chocolate and light floral flavours await us at home in a warming dram. A spiced up cocktail inspired by the journey the Walkers have made across the world, designed with this Winter Edition in mind, is the ‘Four Corners’ serve which starts with a dram of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, a dash of coconut sugar syrup, three drops of cardamom bitters, one morello cherry and a slice of orange peel, all served in a chilled glass filled with ice. Thanks Johnnie Walker for this ultimate gift!

Slàinte Mhath
Thomas & Ansgar

Copyright notice: Photo bottle by WhiskySpeller, photos event provided by Johnnie Walker

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