Traveling to Scotland…

Last year we had a very nice trip around Scotland, and back home, we decided that we wanted to go back the next year for sure. We had seen some different parts of this beautiful country, and came to the conclusion that it was difficult to choose where to go. One thing we did know for sure, we had to slow down a bit! In two weeks we did a bit too much, and we where a bit overwhelmed by it all. Look here for the things we did on that trip...

So, the thing to do was to divide the country a bit, and make the choice of just going to one region, and make more time to see things in a proper way. After thinking it through we decided to go first to Feis Ile on Islay. A festival a week long filled with music, fun, and things to see and do at the distillery’s. This is a must do we heard…

Due to us traveling by boat to Newcastle first we had to think what form of trip we would like. We decided on riding to Islay first, then a week on Arran, and then some days at Wigtown. We like to be able to make the combination between whisky and photography if possible. Visiting the country, exploring the beautiful nature and scenery. Good times!

After a year of waiting, and waiting, it was finally time to board again for Scotland. We were so excited, three weeks of fun and just the two of us ahead! Must say that we have the luck that we both love most of the same things like photography, whisky, etc… That helps a great deal! We love to visit the distillery’s and go to tastings etc.

Boarding in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, weather not looking good, rough sea ahead. Not good for Ansgar sadly due to motion sickness. But keeping in mind where we are going, we managed to get through the rough ride over, and got off the boat approx. 5 hours later then planned. A total boat ride around the 21 hours… pfff….

Glad to be on shore again we traveled toward Inveraray, our first stop. We have stayed here last year also and is a very good last stop to Islay.

Last year we tried to go to Auchentoshan, but got lost in Glasgow instead due to taking the wrong exit. This time we wanted to try again, but sadly past there too late, so a miss again. Three times should do it, right? Hopefully next time…

In Inveraray we booked at the George Hotel a very nice room, so we could forget the horrors of the boat quickly. Maybe for the next trip take the boat from Calais to Dover, saves time on the boat, but more car time, but whell, can take that a bit better 🙂
The George was super, very nice dinner, and next morning a short visit to the whisky shop across the road. Very short, because we had to go to the ferry in Kennacraig for the passage to Islay, almost there!!

The sailing to Islay was very smooth, sun was shining, and flat sea. So nice! After a two hour sailing we finally were on this beautiful Island again. Can an island be addictive? Almost looks like it… Feels good to be back!

Due to that we arrived late on the island, we missed the first “opening” Feis Ile day. This was the open day of Lagavulin. But not to worry, we have got a visit and tasting planed for that one later in the week 🙂

Today is just relaxing in the beautiful apartment, putting our feet up, unpacking, enjoying a dram and a good cup of tea… Tomorrow is Bruichladdich day, with a nice Masterclass to start the day off, and then some other nice festive activities 🙂 Looking forward to that…!


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