Looking back…

The end of our vacation in beautiful country of Scotland has come to its end sadly…
We have enjoyed the last three weeks very much, and had so much luck with good weather, just like the last year… Think we might be getting the wrong impression here of Scotland, but we don’t mind at all 😉

In earlier posts we wrote about the travels to Islay, and how we enjoyed our selfs at the Feis Ile there. What a great time that was, surely something to come back for! After a week of festivities and distilleries it was good to chill out a bit when going to Arran.

We stayed there a week in a beautiful Willow Cottage in the village of Whitefarland, just a 20 minutes drive up to the distillery. At the Isle of Arran Distillery we found out that they have a great cafe upstairs and some nice whisky flights for whisky tasting. So we enjoyed our selfs there that week, tasting and doing some great tours.

But naturally we did not only do the distillery the whole week, when there we had to drive around and take some walks and breath in the fresh sea and mountain air. This island is beautiful and a great place for cycling and walking. You can climb mountains, walk to falls and lochs, or sit at te beach and visit the castle.


We walked to the Machrie Moor standing stones and enjoyed the beautiful sights. The Island is split in to North ans South by the String Road, a very scenic route across the island. There is just som much wildlife and nature to see there, it was very nice to stay there. It felt almost a bit that time stood still and we just could unwind a bit after the busy festival times at Islay.

Just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. After a week it was time to move on to the mainland again, on our way to Wigtown. Enjoying a bit off sunshine on the ferry and then driving off again. We planned a visit to Robbie’s Drams in Ayr, and then to Kirkoswold for the Whisky Experience shop.


Our destination was the beautiful B&B in Wigtown, the Brora Lodge. Great location, and great service. We planned to make a visit to Wigtown, also called the book town of Scotland, and also make a visit to Bladnoch, the lowest distillery in Scotland.

We had a great time, and drove around there a bit, and had a beautiful walk at the coast here. Sadly it was time to go home again, planning all ready the next trip to Scotland 🙂

Remaining now just the pictures of this beautiful trip… Just looking back, makes me wanting to do it all over again, we had a great time! Having the pleasure of tasting a lot of new whisky’s and enjoying the company of many lovely people. Below just a couple of shots out of the very large collection. There is just so much to see and do in Scotland you know, not only distilleries 😉



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  1. Aikane says:

    Wat een mooi stel foto's!! Zouden zo in een reisbrochure gezet kunnen worden.


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