#DavinTT2 – A tour through Canada by ‘The Portable Expert’


The end of the year is near and while the days seem to be too short in one end, the good whisky people seem to be going in overdrive on the social media, with different tastings, competitions and events. The good spirit of the people and the events really make it a festive season!

The first Sunday’s in December are reserved for the #DavinTT2 Twitter Tasting. A journey through the world of Canadian Whisky guided by the book ‘Canadian Whisky: ‘The Portable Expert’ by Davin de Kergommeaux.

This Twitter Tasting is a bit different then the other ones. By participating you get the book to read, and in each session a couple of chapters are discussed, and there is a chance to ask Davin all your questions about his book and the Canadian Whisky industry. As a bonus we also got some delicious and sometimes challenging blind samples.

But wait, that is not all! Not all, I hear you think? Reading a book and tasting not enough? Nope…. There is also a whisky scavenger hunt competition! Over the different sessions we got loads of questions and clues, and the needed answers are off course to be found in Davin his book 😉 It is hard work must say, but fun, and there is a large price to be won with it called the ‘Canadian Goody Basket’ what is filled with all delicious stuff…! Prizes include more than a dozen Canadian whisky samples and an assortment of clichĂ©d Canadiana. Who can resist that challenge!

You can follow the action on Twitter by hashtag #DavinTT2 or have a look at Davin his site http://www.canadianwhisky.org/ Johanna and Graham did a splendid job by organizing this all, it was a blast to meet so much lovely passionate people on Sundays and talk whisky… We truly want to recommend the book ‘Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert’ by Davin, it is a very good read, and very informative!

The #DavinTT2 is now almost all done sadly, just one more sunday night on the calendar planned to talk about it all. Time to hand in our answers on the scavenger hunt, and wait for the results. Notes are posted on the drams tasted, and now the journey continues into the new discovered whisky world called Canada… Hello there, lovely to meet you! 🙂

Must say, tasted some very lovely drams among these four. But also some that we found myself not so wild about… But these last ones were quite challenging, and have some left in the bottles so we hope to come back to those for a re-taste. This setup showed a wide range of possible flavour profiles available out of the Canadian market.

Ok, everybody… get a book and start reading we would say. But our curiosity also wants to know more of the man behind the book also. So here Davin de Kergommeaux tells you a bit about him self, a passionate whisky lover and part of the #whiskyfabric.

Thanks Johanna, Graham and Davin for letting us experience the Canadian Whisky and educating us! It was fun!



Copyright photos: Davin de Kergommeaux

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