The journey continues…

The end of the year is near and we can look back on a full 2013 for sure. We see all around people making reviews on the past year and best drams tasted and so fort. Must say that looking back we more think of all the things that have happened and that time has gone by so fast… our heads are spinning a bit…

Writing it all down below makes us even more realise that. On the personal side we hope that 2014 is gonna be better. In 2013 we had, just to name a few things…
– Mother (in law) with 4x bypass surgery Lost some people sadly…

– People getting sick…
– Thomas had a car accident
– Ansgar had an accident last week with riding on bike and hit by car
– Very busy year at work for both of us and a lot of changes…
– Bit of a hectic year for people in our family with moving etc…
– And so on and on…

But on the whisky side it was also not quiet at all… Just a little piece of the activities this year.

– Robert Burns night

– Hielander Whisky Festival
– Whisky Festival Noord Nederland
– Whisky Festival Leiden
– Feis Ile and all the festivities there
– Many online & offline nosings and tastings…
– Maltstock
– Pot Still Festival Amersfoort
– Many other very nice masterclasses…
– Whisky dinner
– Traveling through Scotland
– Visiting many distilleries
– Meeting many wonderful people…
– Damster Spirit Festival
– Whisky Live Den Haag
– Did our first whisky related interview…
– Got interviewed…
– Traveling through the Netherlands and visiting brewery’s and distilleries

Looking back amazed on how fast everything can go, and how grateful we are for all of this. Meeting all this wonderful people online and offline and not too forget the #whiskyfabric. When we started the blog we could not imagine it growing this way. Not only the blog has grown, also us, in trying new things and putting ourselves out there. Together we take it day by day and see what comes on our path. Focussing on the things that bring us positive feelings and a smile on our face.

The last year we have learned a lot about whisky and our journey is just starting we know that. Thanks every one for guiding us the last year and teaching us. It was a blast. Looking forward to the next year. There are some good things all ready in the agenda planned, and also for the year 2015…Wishing al of you a good ending of this year and a good 2014! Lets make it a blast!


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  1. Hi Ansgar, Keep up the good work in 2014. I wish you and Thomas all the best in this new year!


  2. Ansgar says:

    Thanks! Have a great 2014!


  3. whiskycorner says:

    Great look back at the year, I love your first whisky interview 😉 Sounds like a year of ups and downs for you, but here's looking to the future, if you make it over to sunny Scotland again though lets make sure we meet up for a dram, Kirsty


  4. WhiskyCorner says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  5. Ansgar says:

    Looking forward indeed, thats the only way to go 🙂 Where are you at in Scotland? Then we can maybe set something up? Would be lovely to meet you both…


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