Whisky Weekend Twente

Whisky Weekend Twente 2017, what a great festival this was. Old familiars, well known acquaintances and new, yet to explore friendships and drams. A great atmosphere, created in the vip lounges of the local football stadium in Almelo, which was for the fourth time converted into a cozy whisky gathering of mostly local whisky enthusiasts.

Besides the omnipresent larger importers and distributors, we also encountered some of the local distillers such as Wagging FingerSculte and Kalkwijck who were proudly presenting their latest releases and sneak previews of what is in store (well… barrels). Combined with a good atmosphere, ample supply of water all around, fragrant cigars smoked in the sun outside on the grandstand of the stadium, books for sale by the Whisky Couple, a range of fine chocolates, whisky related clothing and accessories, and affordable quality bites to eat. Enough to do besides tasting your next favourite beer, rum, gin, bourbon and (mostly) whisky, which was poured generously but responsibly to satisfy all present.

It was good to see such high quality festival at the other end of the country, with happy faces all around on both sides of the tables. A free shuttle bus from the local train station to the stadium brought many visitors to the relaxed atmosphere with a wide diversity in products and a Scottish style festival dinner available after the afternoon session for the hungry visitors, making it a complete experience.

The festival is annually organised by a small team of local people, working in the spirits or food industry, with Henri Goossen as their chairman. Well done all for the organisation for this fourth annual event. The last couple of years it was highly recommended to us by many and we are glad we finally undertook the long train ride to Almelo.

It was great to see the more personal approach here, opposed to some of the larger and more commercial festivals in the west of our small country. We are already looking forward to next year’s event, and are thinking of scheduling in more time and make it weekend trip and stay a night in jail (rebuilt into a hotel), just because we did not have a chance to visit all stands, since there was just too much to see, taste and talk about.

Great times, see you next year!
Thomas & Ansgar

Copyright notice: Photos event by WhiskySpeller. Photo glasses (top photo) and logo by Whisky Weekend Twente

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